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    This beautiful neck bone is a great gift idea for many occasions, especially for music lovers thanks to its design.

    The outer fabric is made of wool 80/20, 80% virgin wool/20% polyester, according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a very hard-wearing, long-lasting standard blend.

    The bone is filled with 600g of organic spelled husk.

    The neck bone is ideal for relaxing, as heat therapy for neck tension, as a bookend, etc.

    Wool fabric conducts heat very well, it absorbs body heat very quickly and that alone makes it feel very pleasant.

    When heated, the bone becomes a little more comfortable.
    The spelled husk inside and the warm wool cover keep the neck warm for a long time, a relief for tense muscles.

    Due to its shape, the neck bone is an all-rounder.
    It is also irreplaceable when traveling by car or plane.

    Its spelled husk filling ensures a relaxed head position.
    The spelled husks can be shaped individually and adapt very well to the neck/head. The neck bone can also be used very well as a space-saving, small travel pillow.

    If the spelled husk bone is just lying on the sofa, it cuts a good figure.

    I make all products lovingly by hand in my small factory.

    I would also be happy to make individually personalized neck bones.

    If you have any questions, email or call.

    Best regards