Grain pillow, grain bunny, microwave, relieves tension, neck shoulder pillow, organic grain, organic spelled, personalized, heat cold therapy


  • Details
    Beautiful neck pillow, color pink with white accents,
    Grain bunny.
    When warmed, Hasi can relieve tension; when cooled, it can relieve pain from bruises and sprains.
    Its size covers the entire neck area.
    The outer fabric is made of teddy plush fabric
    Oeko-Tex. 100.
    The inside of the grain bunny is filled with organic spelled grains.
    His friendly face puts you in a good mood.
    The grain pillow was made in my small factory "Oelbachkram"...
    Oelbach is the stream that flows through where I live.
    Kram stands for looking for beautiful things, browsing, rummaging...
    This is how the label “Oelbachkram” came into being. 🤓
    I am also happy to make personalized grain pillows, neck bones, yoga pillows, baby grain pillows.
    I look forward to contacting you by email or telephone.
    Best regards