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    The sweet, large grain mouse is a great gift idea for a birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day,...or...for almost all occasions.

    The outer fabric is made of 80/20 wool, 80% virgin wool/20% polyester according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a very hard-wearing, long-lasting standard blend.

    The mouse is filled with 1600g of organic spelt grains.

    The grain mouse is ideal for heat therapy for neck tension.

    Due to their shape and size, the shoulders and the entire upper back are covered.

    Wool fabric conducts heat very well, it absorbs body heat quickly and that alone makes it feel very comfortable.

    When warmed up, the grain mouse becomes much more pleasant.

    The large number of spelled grains inside and the warm wool cover keep the neck, shoulders and upper back warm for a long time, a relief for tense muscles.

    But the grain mouse can also contribute to recovery when chilled. It can be used for sprains and bruises and relieves the pain.

    The grain mouse can also be used as a knotted pillow.
    The grains are concentrated and stay warm for a long time.

    So it can be used as a cozy source of warmth on your hands, feet or knees after a winter walk.

    If the grain mouse just lies on the sofa, its friendly face brings joy into the apartment.

    Detailed instructions for use are included.

    The grain mouse was lovingly handcrafted in my small factory.

    If you have any questions or personalization requests, I would be happy to receive an email or a call.

    Best regards