Gift for birth, baptism, name pillow, stomach ache pillow, baby pillow, rapeseed pillow, microwave, gripping toy, corner tip for gripping exercises


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    The cute baby corn pillow is an ideal gift for births, baptisms, birthdays and especially for babies with tummy ache.

    The outer shell is made of organic nickel fabric and the filling is made of organic rapeseed.

    The inner cushion with the organic rapeseed filling can be removed so that the outer cover can be washed.

    The outer cover is washable at 40 degrees.

    Rapeseeds are small balls. They are light and retain heat for a very long time.

    The small beads nestle nicely, but do not put any strain on the baby's tummy due to their lightness.

    The pillow is ideal as a cuddly pillow.

    I would be happy to make individually personalized baby pillows.
    (Here example Mats)

    My items are lovingly handcrafted by myself in my small factory.

    If you have any questions, I look forward to an email or a call.

    Best regards