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    This cute grain pillow/grain shoe gift set is a great gift idea for alpaca fans, for a birthday, for Easter, as a Mother's Day gift or simply as a useful, fashionable souvenir.

    Shoulder/neck pillows and grain shoes can be personalized!

    Neck tension is a thing of the past. Cold feet too.

    Shoulder-neck pillow, grain shoes - outer cover made of cuddly wool fabric according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

    Shoulder and neck pillow filled with 1600g organic spelt grains.

    Grain shoes filled with 600g of organic spelt grains each.

    The neck pillow is also suitable as a cool, warm scarf, for example when taking a walk.

    The neck is guaranteed to stay warm, even in really cold temperatures.

    The spelled pillow can be heated very easily in the microwave.

    Due to its shape and size, the pillow covers the entire shoulder/neck area, can relieve tense muscles and still looks cool.

    Thanks to its round shape, the shoulder/neck pillow also stays in place on the neck without slipping.

    When cooled, the neck pillow can relieve bruises and sprains.

    The Körner shoes (here example size 40/42, please specify desired size when purchasing) put an end to cold feet.

    A cotton fabric is incorporated into the inside of the shoe.
    The grains are located in the gaps.

    The grain filling is incorporated in the front area and in the sole.
    This warms the foot from above and below.

    The slippers can be easily heated in the microwave.
    If there is no microwave, an oven will also do the job.
    Often a warm heater is enough to warm the grain shoes.

    Who doesn't know that feeling? When your feet are cold, you don't feel well overall.
    Quickly warm up the grain shoes, put your feet in and pleasant warmth will penetrate your whole body.
    Whether at the PC, with a cup of tea or coffee or even in bed.

    Due to the high number of grains and their distribution in the upper and lower areas of the shoes, the feet warm up very quickly.
    The shoes also keep you warm for a very long time.

    The grain shoes can be warmed hygienically using the cotton bags provided.
    A conventional jute bag also serves its purpose here.

    Detailed instructions for use are included.

    The spelt pillow and the warming shoes were lovingly handcrafted in my small factory.

    If you have any questions, I would be happy to receive an email or a call.

    Best regards