Grain Fox Shoulder Neck Pillow Christmas Christmas Gift Heat Therapy Cold Therapy Microwave Gift Personalized


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    The sweet grain fox is a great gift idea for fox fans, for a birthday, for St. Nicholas, Christmas or simply as a useful, fashionable souvenir.

    Neck tension was yesterday.

    Outer shell made of plush fabric according to Öko-Tex Standard 100,
    filled with 1600g organic spelled grains.

    The grain fox is also suitable as a cool, warm scarf, e.g. for a walk.

    The neck is guaranteed to stay warm, even in really cold temperatures.

    The spelled fox can be warmed up very easily in the microwave.

    Due to its shape and size, it covers the entire shoulder/neck area, so it can relieve tense muscles and still look cool.

    When chilled, it can relieve bruises and sprains.

    A precise recommendation for use is enclosed.

    The grain fox was lovingly handcrafted in my small manufactory.

    If you have any questions, I look forward to an email or a call.

    Best regards